Ador Welding Ltd has become the first Indian Company in the Welding Fraternity to have a “Clean Room” in India

A clean room is an environment, typically used in manufacturing which eliminates environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapours.
Ador Welding Ltd also inaugurated a state of the art clean room in the month of May 2016.
This Clean Room operates on 3 parameters-
1) Controlled Temperature
2) Positive Pressure
3) Controlled Humidity
Apart from these parameters ADOR WELDING LTD (AWL) has provided additional features to safeguard electronic assembly in order to minimize manual intervention.
1) Antistatic flooring
2) Automated Conveyor
Mentioned below are the attributes of Ador Welding Ltd clean room:-
i) Controlled Temperature: This helps in improving the performance of electronics assembly. It also reduces fatigue level of operators and boosts productivity.
ii) Positive Pressure: Positive Pressure creates a cleaner environment. As this pressure is more than the atmospheric pressure, outside dust cannot enter the clean room.
iii) Controlled Humidity: This helps in improving performance of electrostatic components.
iv) Antistatic flooring: This helps to eliminate electrostatic charges which prevents random failure of electronic components.
v) Automated Conveyor: In line with automobile manufacturing setup for the first time in India, Ador Welding Ltd has introduced automized conveyor for welding machine assembly which reduces the manual intervention and errors in assembly.
This conveyor is fitted with a Variable Frequency Drive and a Gearbox which controls the speed of the conveyor.
Speciality of this automated conveyor is:-
i. It can be set for various cycle times.
ii. Multiple number of models can be produced.
iii. This can be set for multiple number of operators i.e. It can run with 4,6 and 10 operators.
iv. Subassembly is also provided with an automated conveyor.
This state of the art facility has been set up at the Ador Welding Chinchwad Plant, Pune where Ador Welding Ltd manufactures its World Class Welding Equipments.
With this initiative Ador Welding Ltd has become the first Indian company in the “Welding Fraternity” to have a Clean room in India which is in line with the world class     electronics manufacturing standards.


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