Ador Welding Ltd sponsored Team Interceptors wins at Buddh International Circuit in Supra SAE 2016


Ador Welding Ltd sponsored the ‘Team Interceptors’ and ‘Team Revolution’ of Automobile Engineering students from DY PATIL College with a Portable Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Setup .This has helped them in fabricating the chassis of their Formula one car .Team Interceptors & Team Revolution ensured that they use the best quality welding equipment and Ador Welding Ltd was their obvious choice.Team Interceptors won the 2nd rank in SUPRA SAE 2016 which is a high profile formula one racing event organized by SAE.(Society of Automotive Engineers) and Team Revolution also performed exceedingly well.
This Buddh International Circuit, Noida plays host to 160 teams that were participated in SUPRA SAE 2016 scheduled from 3rd July to 9th July. The event focuses on the following Tests:-
(i) Technical Test
(ii) Brake Test
(iii) Skid Pad Test
(iv)Tilt Test
This event sets the stage to assess the capability for teamwork, leadership and management skills of the students.
Team Interceptors cleared all these rounds and got qualified for final round where they ranked 2nd and got prize worth Rs.1 Lac.They did it !!!
Ador Welding Ltd has always believed in nurturing young talent, Team Interceptors and Team Revolution is yet another example of the same.

Ador Welding Ltd wishes Team Interceptors Hearty Congratulations !!!..And all the best for all future endeavours.

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