“Creating New Paradigms”,The Ador Lab of Excellence in Welding At Zeal College Of Engineering and Research

Welding is a very vast Engineering subject which covers the creation of a simple fabrication structure like gate, from underwater welding to spacecraft components and the practice of welding is basic to building infrastructure in the country. It has different levels of complexities depending on whether it is used in power plants, railway coaches, aircraft or spacecraft. This offers an opportunity for the engineers, and the welders, not only to learn about the welding skills, but also learn about the process of welding, and how it can be managed and improved, and new fabrication practices for complex materials.
To promote welding among students through a well equipped lab to keep them up-to-date and alive-in order to seek new frontiers of best welding skills, this will make our students thirsty for more knowledge beyond the realms of our classroom teaching.
Mr Raman Kumar is the former Managing Director of M/s ADOR Welding Ltd. He has over 35 years of experience in the Welding Industry across various functional disciplines and management positions.
Mr Deep A. Lalvani is a Director on the Board of M/s Ador Welding Ltd and also one of its promoters Director. Director Ador Welding Ltd, Head CSR Committee Ador Welding Ltd.
Mr. Sanjay Gandhi is Director Aspire Knowledge & Skills. He is having an experience with multiple domains in industry such as Administrator, Tech support Education, Banking & Finance consultant.
Preparation of Inauguration Programme had started immediately after seeking the availability of Mr Raman Kumar and Mr Deep A. Lalvani well in one month in advance. All the necessary approvals for the Programme were sought almost two weeks in advance. The outline of an inauguration of excellence lab was finalised by in-charge of skill centre Prof. Aashish Gandigude and Executive Director Prof.Jayesh Katkar and accordingly all necessary preparations were finished at the skill centre. The circular was circulated among the faculty members for their information. The Auditorium was booked well in advance. Finally, Invite cum offer letter was given to the resource person.
All the faculties, students of Mechanical Engineering Department, Zeal College of Engineering and Research, attended the Inauguration Programme at zeal skill centre followed by guidance by experts to the students at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Auditorium of the institute.
Details of the Session:
“You can teach a person a lesson for a while, but choose welding only if you are passionate about it to excel in it”.With the very apt statement given above, Mr Raman Kumar signified the role and contribution of welders towards the country as a whole and made them realise the pivotal role they play in nation building.
The session started with these inspiring words which made the participants feel proud being a teacher. The workshop was highly motivating.
Mr. Lalvani congratulated Zeal Education Society for providing such unique facility for engineering students. Mr.Sanjay Gandhi, director of ASPIRE knowledge and skills praised Zeal Education Society for developing skills in the field of Automobile Excellence, Machining Excellence along with Welding.
The Executive Director of Zeal education Society Prof.Jayesh Katkar Presented motive behind vision and mission of skill practices at Zeal campus.Lab in-charge Prof.Aashish Gandigude introduced Guests and current practices in lab to the audience. Gaikwad, Principal ZCoER introduced audience and guests about other Skill practices across the campus. The Vote of thanks was given by Dr.S.G.Dambhare, HOD, Mechanical Engineering, ZCoER.
The moments of this programme were captured well with the help of photographs.

14117889_1253729354659221_133045290497668091_n                       Executive Director revealing idea of Machining Excellence Lab


Inauguration of Lab at Skill Center by Mr.Deep Lalvani


Demonstration of welding skills by the students to guests

14102657_1253750267990463_8984358735043683210_nVisit of Honourable Sikkim State Governor Mr.Shrinivasji Patil Zeal Skill Center



Demonstration of welding skills by the students to HHonourableSikkim State Governor Mr.Shrinivasji Patil and HHonourableVice Chancellor of Savitribai Phule Pune University Dr. Wasudeoji Gade using welding simulator and Live demonstration Center.

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