Training & Development of Welders at Ambuja Cement Foundation,Cementing Welding Skills by Ador Welding.

Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF) runs a skill development program through its flagship initiative called Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (SEDI) in 12 centres across India. Its mandate is to provide employable skills to unemployed youth. SEDI has a number of trades of skill training at various locations depending on local demand. ADOR has helped ACF-SEDI in developing welder training infrastructure at three locations and has thus enhanced the quality of training at these locations.
Assistance provided by Ador Welding Ltd
Chandrapur: Mig Welding -4 , Arc welding Machines-2, Simulator- 2, high frequency unit for TIG welding, fume extraction system along with support for training of trainers.
Roorkie: SMAW-4, GMAW-2, Oxy F-C -2, Welding booths -7 and fume extraction system in workshop along with support for training of trainers
Gandhinagar: SMAW-4, GMAW-2, GTAW-1, Oxy F-C -2, Welding booths -7, Fume extraction system, Fire and safety equipment’s.
Benefits Garnered to Chandrapur:
New and advanced machines have helped trainees acquire advanced skills .More number of trainees accommodated in one session of practical at a time Improvement in quality of training.
Benefits Garnered to Roorkie:
This establishment has improved quality of training and both the trainer and trainee benefited by extended session of welding with immediate assessment of student’s welding skills. Due to adequate number of welding machines all trainees got opportunities for more practices on the welding machine. This establishment has improved the quality of training and will help SEDI to be more effective for advance learning for welding skills. The good quality welding lab attracts potential trainees to train at ACF-SEDI. It helps in mobilisation processes. External agencies like:- NSDC, Uttarakhand Skill Development Mission has appreciated the Lab setup of ADOR welding academy. Trainees have also shown their interest as practice over the simulators has provided them to visualise their job with immediate assessment.
Benefits Garnered to Gandhinagar:
Modern Technology provided by ADOR, Welding Ltd. t is useful for improving quality of training . Reduce the material wastage during training Has helped to earn reputation of quality training infrastructure.

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