Ador Impresses Visitors at India Essen.

Ador Welding Ltd. has been synonymous with welding in India for over 64 years. A pioneer and leader in welding industry, Ador has progressively extended its knowledge and expertise to cater to the existing and perceived user needs at home as well as in the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia. The company offers a comprehensive range of welding consumables, equipment, services and automation solutions to ensure excellence in welding and fabrication in every key sector.

P.K. Balasubbramaniian speaks to managing director Satish Bhat to ascertain the innovations being showcased by the company and its initiatives to maintain its leadership position. Excerpts:


Q.What’s the show you put up at India Essen Welding & Cutting International Trade Fair 2016 staged at BEC Mumbai during 5-7 October?

Well, we had an impressive stall in a vantage position at IEW&C 2016 where we displayed some of our first-of-their-kind innovative products. Our Pulse-MIG Equipment drew the attention of everyone. This is Synergic Pulsed MIG/MAG/FCAW Welder with intelligent 3-in-1 control, based on material type, material thickness and joint type requirement. Pulse MIG is

a revolutionary product developed by us indigenous as a result of our rigorous R & D. It is ideal for both thin as well as thick sheet metal. It is a boon to major fabricators who can now weld sheet metals as thin as 0.6 mm – 0.8 mm without affecting the parent metal. The high pulse current does no harm to the heat affected zone. The equipment is an import substitute costing 20% less compared to the imported one.

The machine can be used with advantage in wagon manufacture. It would enhance productivity and quality in the fabrication of rail coach- es.  Fabricators like ICF Perambur, TEXMACO and Jessops would find this equipment an imperative. Our estimation is that we would be able to sell about 200-250 machines per annum.

Q:What else was new in your stall?

Our Welding Fume Extractor was yet another cynosure. In welding, fumes are inevitable. But they need not come in your way, affecting your health or productivity. Our Welding Fume Extractor is designed to contain or minimise electrical and electronics pollution. The equipment is inverter based. It sucks the fume from the workplace. The filter cleans the air from different kinds of dry dust, welding aerosols and other dry contaminants from most industrial processes. The Welding Fume Extractor comes in different sizes. The smallest one is portable and can be taken wherever welding is going on. The biggest one weighs 100 kg and comes with a 3 metre arm length. We also supply integrated systems for fume extraction. At a time, the Extractor can suck and ventilate fumes from 10 welding booths. Evacuation of fumes keeps the work environment clean and productive.

Q:What measures do you take to reduce costs and enhance profitability?

We do value engineering and value analysis to see how we can reduce the production and the end product cost without compromising on quality and functionality of the product.In doing so, we look at various options in terms of design, supplier, material, etc. We explore all permutations and combinations to ensure lean manufacturing so that the resultant savings can be passed on to the customer. We offer complete range of products for a given application. When it comes to consumables, we offer nickel-chromium based products for better and ease of maintenance. In order to enhance operational efficiency, we use low cost automation. We also reuse energy wherever possible so as to optimise energy cost inputs. These are some of the measures.

Q. Are your products futuristic?

Yes they are. We have a complete range of innovative products in place. With Pulsed-MIG, there is no technology gap. If you take consumables, the range is comprehensive. Wherever needed, we recommend Automation solutions in order to reduce the customer’s process time. At Ador, R & D is continual and on-going. We are even looking at automating gouging with a new range of machines. The pressure vessel industry would benefit from this immensely.

Q. How do you propose to maintain your leadership position?

First and foremost, we are proactive and satisfy the customer needs by offering him a com- plate range of contemporary products. On the other hand, we keep on innovating to come up with breakthrough products and solutions. We also improve our efficiency and response time and offer good after-sales service. These are notwithstanding the fact that we keep on improving our existing products and performance to become more agile & cost-competitive. And it goes without saying that we are totally technology driven.

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  1. congratulation and best of luck for all the future innovation and technology advancment Ador welding doing into. Make in india needs such organisations.rgds priyankar tripathi


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