Ador Welding Ltd: Technology & Innovation hand in hand.

Ador Welding Ltd. has been synonymous with welding in India for over 64 years. A pioneer and leader in welding industry, Ador has progressively extended its knowledge and expertise to cater to the existing and perceived user needs at home as well as in the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia. The company offers a comprehensive range of welding consumables, equipment, services and automation solutions to ensure excellence in welding and fabrication in every key sector.

P.K. Balasubbramaniian, speaks to managing director Satish Bhat to ascertain the innovations being showcased by the company and its initiatives to maintain its leadership position.


What’s your niche in Welding Technology?
 ADOR Welding Limited has always been the pioneer in India in terms of development of Welding Consumables and Equipment comparable to the best-in-class products, and tailor-made for the Indian customer requirements in terms of performance, competitive price, unwavering quality and delivery.
Niche products have been developed for special applications like Sugar Mills and other arduous applications, and many other areas.
ADOR Welding Limited is the only Indian company to have developed the full range of most advanced energy-efficient Inverter based Welding equipments, suitable for all types of welding – SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, SAW and Plasma Cutting. These are designed keeping in mind the power supply situation in India, scarcity in the availability of Mains Power in remote site locations (generator compatible equipments), arduous site conditions and the necessity of ruggedness and durability.
What’s your standing as a technology leader?
 ADOR Welding Limited is the Leader in India, in developing and supplying completely digital AC / DC Inverter based TIG Welding equipments, Inverter based SAW Equipment with capability of submerged arc welding in both Constant current as well as Constant Voltage modes.
 What are the innovations you have showcased recently?
  • WELD TRACKER – This is an in house innovation for seamlessly monitoring welding data through wireless communication link. This can be used as a productivity and quality control tool as well as automatic tracking of job as per WPS. In spite of all advancements there are few concerns in a fabrication process which may result into degradation of the weld process or affect the productivity e.g. operator efficiency or capability to weld, ability of the machine to provide precise voltage or current to maintain the quality of the weld, alarm system to indicate if the current and voltages goes beyond pre-set limits which results into weld defects as well as one should be concerned about idle time and ON time of the machine in order to achieve the maximum productivity. By developing this system, welding Industry has got the solution on these above issues.
  • SYNERGIC PULSED TIG – This is an in-house innovation for building in intelligence in TIG Welding applications. The welder needs to set material type, type of welding joint and material thickness as inputs. The software automatically fine tunes the welding parameters to obtain the best possible TIG welding. The conventional method would involve pre-setting of multiple parameters like AC / DC mode, Pulse / No Pulse mode, initial current, slope in time, Pulse Current, Background Current, Pulse frequency, Pulse duty cycle, Slop out time, crater current etc. All these settings are eliminated in this innovative Equipment.

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