Ador Welding Limited, a sixty five years young organisation, has adopted Lean manufacturing as its Growth strategy in 2013.Down the line after achieving 70% increase in top line and significant increase in bottom-line, has decided to take Lean manufacturing to its critical suppliers and customers.


Mr. Ulhas Pujari who has been one of the core team member and Head of Ador’s Pune Plant is very optimistic on taking lean to suppliers and customers. When queried about his vision on Lean manufacturing replied ” AWL under the guidance of Mr. Satish Bhat our Managing Director, took lean manufacturing as a growth strategy in 2013. We have trained our managerial staff and all our operatives on various aspects of lean. During last 4 years almost 80% of our employees are part of this drive. We initially started our projects in production area but then expanded it to all other functions. Our team members in Finance to sales,HR to admin and Purchase to Logistics, all have contributed immensely through various projects”


On explaining their initiative of involving suppliers and customers also in Lean, he told “we treat our suppliers and customers as partners in our value chain, so more the spread of lean across supply chain more benefits can be reaped by all. As an initial step we called all critical employees of our major suppliers and done detailed training for them. This will help us set background for lean implementation”.


On their next step in this initiative Mr. Ulhas clarified “We have identified 4 to 5 projects with our participating member companies. Nature of projects is from VSM to Kanban to Process FMEA implementations. AWL is planning for initial hand holding and will help for executing these projects. Going ahead all these partners can execute more projects on their own”.

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