As rightly said by Peter Strople, “Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people”.
In today’s competitive world, the line between “Existing” and “Contemporary” employees can be an unclear one.
Discussions of professional quality can take into account a number of things: leadership style, communication, vision, delegation, teamwork, trust… .
But ask an alumni to talk about their past colleagues or the time spent in an organisation, and what they’ll tell you is somewhat different.
They’ll tell you about relationships, memories of humour (and sometimes fear of outcome) during a particular project, having a candid discussion with a senior at an event, or visiting a colleagues home. The time spent with their colleagues is deeply memorable over the years, and often decades, later.
Throwback to the 2nd Alumni meet (2019), wherein all the former Adorian Alumni’s were invited to relive some of their most precious moments spent in Ador Welding Limited. The overall growth and enhancement of the organisation over the past few years was something that they were extremely proud of. The excitement and joy on their faces on being back was a true victory in itself.

It’s this legacy which makes us believe that, “A FAMILY THAT WELDS TOGETHER BONDS TOGETHER !!!”


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