World HRD Congress hails Mr. Manoj Pandey,HR Head, as one of the “Most Influential HR Leader”


Looks like AWL’S HR Department is on a roll! Close on the heels of our HR department getting praised for three of our best HR practices recently,now there is more exciting news that will make all Adorians proud.

And this time it is the man at the helm,Mr Manoj Pandey.The Adorians family would certainly be delighted to know that the World HRD Congress has hailed Mr Manoj Pandey,our HR Head as one of the “Most Influential HR Leader” !

Mr.Pandey was honoured at a high-profile event at the Annual Awards Presentation ceremony,which also coincided with the organization’s 25th Anniversary celebrations on 16th february 2017 at Mumbai.One of the Most Influential HR Leaders in India is indeed an intensely researched and prestigious award in the HR fraternity.

Hearty congratulations to Mr Pandey from all Adorians ! We wish him the best of success in the years to come.

Mr.Manoj Pandey (Head-Human Resources AWL) being awarded


Award for the Most influential HR Leader


AWL conducted a Welding Consumables Road Show in Trichy

Ador Welding Ltd (AWL) conducted a road show for welding consumables in Trichy and surrounding villages between 14th to 17th December 2016.

The objective of this road show was twofold, one it gave AWL an opportunity to fortify it’s presence as a strong brand and the other was to promote the newly launched product- Kingbond S in AWL’S Mild Steel Category.AWL crafted this road show to reach out remote areas. A small demo van with desired set of products inside as an exhibit travelled along the target areas. This activity enabled buyers to take a closer look at AWL consumable product basket.

Delegates from AWL interacted with local buyers to educate them about Ador brand and influence their buying decision. Kingbond S as a mild steel electrode for general fabrication was a highlight of this campaign & this campaign received an overwhelming response.

AWL stall stands out in Weld India Exhibition 2017.

It’s always been a constant endeavour at Ador Welding Ltd (AWL) to bring the best of technologies & process know how to the Indian Welding fraternity.

With continued commitment to serve the welding industry Ador participated in Weld India Expo 2016.
The exhibition was held between 15th to 17th December at the Milan Mela Complex in Kolkata, India. During this three-day event Ador displayed its complete welding & cutting solutions. AWL stall received maximum footfall and this exhibition again proved AWL as best in Class Company in welding fraternity.








Ador Welding Limited, a sixty five years young organisation, has adopted Lean manufacturing as its Growth strategy in 2013.Down the line after achieving 70% increase in top line and significant increase in bottom-line, has decided to take Lean manufacturing to its critical suppliers and customers.


Mr. Ulhas Pujari who has been one of the core team member and Head of Ador’s Pune Plant is very optimistic on taking lean to suppliers and customers. When queried about his vision on Lean manufacturing replied ” AWL under the guidance of Mr. Satish Bhat our Managing Director, took lean manufacturing as a growth strategy in 2013. We have trained our managerial staff and all our operatives on various aspects of lean. During last 4 years almost 80% of our employees are part of this drive. We initially started our projects in production area but then expanded it to all other functions. Our team members in Finance to sales,HR to admin and Purchase to Logistics, all have contributed immensely through various projects”


On explaining their initiative of involving suppliers and customers also in Lean, he told “we treat our suppliers and customers as partners in our value chain, so more the spread of lean across supply chain more benefits can be reaped by all. As an initial step we called all critical employees of our major suppliers and done detailed training for them. This will help us set background for lean implementation”.


On their next step in this initiative Mr. Ulhas clarified “We have identified 4 to 5 projects with our participating member companies. Nature of projects is from VSM to Kanban to Process FMEA implementations. AWL is planning for initial hand holding and will help for executing these projects. Going ahead all these partners can execute more projects on their own”.

Ador Welding Ltd: Technology & Innovation hand in hand.

Ador Welding Ltd. has been synonymous with welding in India for over 64 years. A pioneer and leader in welding industry, Ador has progressively extended its knowledge and expertise to cater to the existing and perceived user needs at home as well as in the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia. The company offers a comprehensive range of welding consumables, equipment, services and automation solutions to ensure excellence in welding and fabrication in every key sector.

P.K. Balasubbramaniian, speaks to managing director Satish Bhat to ascertain the innovations being showcased by the company and its initiatives to maintain its leadership position.


What’s your niche in Welding Technology?
 ADOR Welding Limited has always been the pioneer in India in terms of development of Welding Consumables and Equipment comparable to the best-in-class products, and tailor-made for the Indian customer requirements in terms of performance, competitive price, unwavering quality and delivery.
Niche products have been developed for special applications like Sugar Mills and other arduous applications, and many other areas.
ADOR Welding Limited is the only Indian company to have developed the full range of most advanced energy-efficient Inverter based Welding equipments, suitable for all types of welding – SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, SAW and Plasma Cutting. These are designed keeping in mind the power supply situation in India, scarcity in the availability of Mains Power in remote site locations (generator compatible equipments), arduous site conditions and the necessity of ruggedness and durability.
What’s your standing as a technology leader?
 ADOR Welding Limited is the Leader in India, in developing and supplying completely digital AC / DC Inverter based TIG Welding equipments, Inverter based SAW Equipment with capability of submerged arc welding in both Constant current as well as Constant Voltage modes.
 What are the innovations you have showcased recently?
  • WELD TRACKER – This is an in house innovation for seamlessly monitoring welding data through wireless communication link. This can be used as a productivity and quality control tool as well as automatic tracking of job as per WPS. In spite of all advancements there are few concerns in a fabrication process which may result into degradation of the weld process or affect the productivity e.g. operator efficiency or capability to weld, ability of the machine to provide precise voltage or current to maintain the quality of the weld, alarm system to indicate if the current and voltages goes beyond pre-set limits which results into weld defects as well as one should be concerned about idle time and ON time of the machine in order to achieve the maximum productivity. By developing this system, welding Industry has got the solution on these above issues.
  • SYNERGIC PULSED TIG – This is an in-house innovation for building in intelligence in TIG Welding applications. The welder needs to set material type, type of welding joint and material thickness as inputs. The software automatically fine tunes the welding parameters to obtain the best possible TIG welding. The conventional method would involve pre-setting of multiple parameters like AC / DC mode, Pulse / No Pulse mode, initial current, slope in time, Pulse Current, Background Current, Pulse frequency, Pulse duty cycle, Slop out time, crater current etc. All these settings are eliminated in this innovative Equipment.

It is indeed a proud moment to share with all of you that we have been awarded a certificate of appreciation by the International Trade Council for our gracious service ,support and contribution to the International Trade Council Community.

Ador Welding Ltd has individually funded 13 entrepreneurs to take business courses,4 small business owners to attend a trade fair and 1 entrepreneur develop a micro enterprise.


QUALITY is a perceptual, conditional and subjective attribute, says Mr. Satish Bhat.

Mr.Satish Bhat(Managing Director,Ador Welding Ltd) speaks in great detail about QUALITY.An attribute which is embedded in the ethos of Ador Welding Ltd in an interview in Engineering Review October Issue.

 Q. What’s your definition for Quality?

Quality is a perceptual, conditional and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people. Consumer focuses on the specifications as quality of a product / service or how it compares to competitors in the marketplace. Support personnel may measure quality in terms of how much a product is reliable, maintainable, or sustainable.AWL is a total solution provider in welding industry – welding and cutting equipments, consumables for all welding processes and materials, PPEs for safety, automation solutions and concept to installation project delivery – all these form part of AWL.Hence, quality in AWL has a much broader definition and understanding compared to others in this industry. As far as AWL is concerned, quality of a product means its ability to meet the requirements and expectations in service and its suitability for its intended purpose at lowest logical operating cost. The focus is on what the customer gets out from our product and is willing to pay for. We still follow classic definition of quality i.e.“Fitness for Use”.

Q. How do you infuse Quality in your production process?

We have an independent Quality Management Organisation.
Four pillars of our quality foundation are:
1)Our commitment to quality The clear vision of our management and a solid policy are the foundation for a strong quality culture.
2)Managing and monitoring quality We have put into place clear processes, responsibilities and monitoring to ensure both quality and efficiency.
3) Engaging with our customers Delivering high quality services requires listening to and understanding users’ needs.
4) Strong HR policies for focus on Quality. Induction of employees with aptitude for quality while hiring, focus on continuous training for enhancing quality at organization and of products & services offered.
Five basic aspects govern our quality culture viz:
a. Defining quality from the perspective of the customer from design to delivery.
b. Working as a team.
c. Organizational level understanding of the cost of quality.
d. Strong process discipline.
e. Ensure problems are solved completely.
Our approach is to achieve quality by organizing every process to get the product ‘right first time’. There is more emphasis on ‘self-checking’, rather than checking by inspectors.

Q)What are the self-imposed Quality Assurance & Reliability Checks you have for your end products?

1) Understanding exactly the customer’s requirements.
2) Our testing facilities are comparable to the best in the world.
3) Instruments like XRF, ICP etc ensure the right quality of raw materials are used.
4) Manufacturing processes are of the latest technology with the state-of-the-art equipment that guaranties quality consistency.
5) Our extensive finished product testing conforms that the product manufactured meets the customer’s specifications.
6)Extensive and repeated training at all levels ensures people are updated continuously on customer expectations and the latest quality standards and requirements.

Q. How would you describe your adherence to Quality Standards & Systems?

 All the manufacturing facilities are accredited for ISO Quality, EMS and OHSAS system. All operations are system based and are subjected to continuous internal audits. The audit findings are reviewed every time at the highest level. Our thrust on LEAN manufacturing, Innovation and continuous learning and upkeep approach coupled with the above systems ensures continuous improvement in efficiency and quality standards.

Q.Do you also have third party inspection for approval of your products for specific applications?

 Yes.For many applications like offshore and nuclear applications, most of the times, we have either third party inspection or the customer himself witnesses the tests and approves the product / batches. Other than this, our consumable products have more than 200 approvals from National bodies like BIS, IBR, RDSO, NPCIL etc. and International agencies like ABS, LRS, BV, DNV etc. Many products of consumables as well as equipments have CE marking. All these approvals come after not only product testing but also process audit and hence our systems are under continuous audit by various agencies. This keeps our quality system healthy and updated. Product quality also gets evaluated throughout the year by various agencies. This ensures that the customer gets what he needs consistently.

 Q. What’s the role of Quality in maintaining and enhancing your brand image?
Brands have been considered as the second most important assets for a firm after customers. Perceived quality has a significant positive effect on brand image. It also has a significant positive effect on brand loyalty. ADOR is a brand which customer looks up to for technology and quality. We are the technology leaders in our segment in India. We introduced MIG / SAW welding consumables to India and improved the productivity and profitability of Indian fabricators. We are the first to introduce Inventor-based welding equipment that were totally developed in India. Our footprints are there in each and every sector of industry starting from power, steel, infrastructure, fertiliser, mining, Railways, refineries etc. for over 6 decades. We had worked with steel producers to get steels of specific quality for various applications. We have been continuously associated with our Government agencies on import substitution of many strategically important projects. We are the first in producing and offering “CE Marked” products manufactured in India . Today, more than ever,customer orientation is the most important aspect that is gaining increasing importance.Customers look up-to us for technology and quality and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations through a system based approach.